To meet customer requirements for high quality and precision machining, the company purchased a 5-axis machining machine from HAAS, model UMC 750 SS. Our new 5-axis machine expands the scope of our machining workshop.

Continuous 5-axis machining can produce very complex 3D shapes, not only flat combined corner elements, but also complex curved 3D surfaces, which allows us to produce parts that are usually reserved for molding processes. Most of the 5-axis tasks involve spatial positioning of the tool, which already generates huge gains in flexibility, as well as drastically reduces logistics costs by reducing the number of tools.

5-axis processing also offers technological advantages that directly affect the quality of the treated surfaces. This can be clearly seen when working on a sloping surface. The 3-axis machine will have to process this surface in very small, gradual cutting steps, while the 5-axis positioning allows the tool to be positioned at the required angle to the surface so that it can remove the material in one step. The result is better surfaces produced faster. In addition, this positioning allows the tools to be used more efficiently; their inclination with the same feed rate allows the use of longer cutting lengths, which reduces the cutting forces.

The investment in this machine is the first step to our own mold production division, which will allow us to construct die-casting molds ourselves. This will lead to much faster execution of customer orders related to the production of molds for castings and to better quality control of another loop of our production.

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