The management declares the following quality policy, which is in accordance with its strategy and vision for development of the organization as a competitive participant in the market for production and supply of aluminum and copper alloys and their castings, in accordance with applicable regulations.

The quality policy is aimed at:

  1. Orientation of the overall activity of the organization to the client to meet its requirements for high and sustainable quality of aluminum and copper alloys and products thereof.
  2. Formation of risk-based thinking and planning and implementation of measures to manage the risks and opportunities associated with the processes performed by the organization.
  3. Achieving unity of policy and quality goals and achieving higher results from their implementation.
  4. Effective use of the available material, human and financial resources in the organization, by attracting all the staff of the company to active participation in quality management, through training and motivation.
  5. Maintaining equal and mutually beneficial relationships with all stakeholders – customers, suppliers and partners.

To implement the quality policy, the management sets the following main goals:

  1. Orientation of the overall activity of the organization to the client. Constant increase of its satisfaction, research of the needs and expectations of the client in order to improve the quality of performance of the offered services and products. Avoidance of risks that may lead to objections and complaints and taking responsibility for the work performed by each member of the team and management of the company.
  2. Increasing the market share of the company by attracting new customers and implementing new activities.
  3. Development of marketing activity and analysis of the influence of competitors.
  4. Improving the financial and economic results and benefits for the organization: higher productivity, reduction of production costs, reduction of discrepancies in work.
  5. Constant investment in more modern and productive equipment.
  6. Maintenance and continuous improvement of the implemented quality control management system (ISO 9001). The implementation of energy efficiency systems (ISO 50001) and the quality management system in enterprises engaged in the design, production, regulation and servicing of products intended for the automotive industry (ISO / TS 16949: 2009).

The quality policy is announced, understood and applied by all organizational and structural units in the company.

The management declares its conviction, will and readiness and its personal participation and responsibility for the implementation of the announced quality policies and objectives.