We have a production workshop organized in different technological sections

1. High pressure section:
a. Polak 250 machine
b. Machine MB 400 – 2 pcs.
c. Polak 400 machine
d. Triulzi 950 machine

2. Low pressure section:
a. VP 400 machine
b. VP 1300 machine

3. Alloys production section:
a. Electric resistance furnace
b. Flame spinner with moving carousel
c. Installation for continuous melting and drawing
of round billets of copper alloys

4. Pressed rolled section:
a. Hydraulic press with 600 tons of effort
b. Installation for calibration of pressed rolled products

5. Section completion
a. Various metal-cutting machines – circular saws, lathes, milling machines, band saws, drills, etc.
b. Proper machines
c. Grinders
d. Shot blasting machines, truval
e. Heat treatment furnaces

6. Machining section
a. HAAS ST30 – lathe
b. HAAS VF3SS – vertical center